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Suzhou Dweck Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company that develops, produces and sells aseptic paper packaging filling machines. Our company produces aseptic paper packaging filling machines in many forms, including aseptic bricks and aseptic pillow. Aseptic Prisma, Aseptic Square ,Aseptic Wedge, etc., the capacity is from 100ml to 330ml, the speed is 6000p / h and 7500p / h.

Our company also deals in Tetra Pak used machine, including TBA/3, TBA/8, TBA/9, TBA/19, TBA21, TBA/22, A3/Flex, A3/Speed, etc., according to different customer needs. To match the most suitable solution. Our company has a strong after-sales service team. The service engineer team with more than ten years of experience has accounted for 2/3, All the equipment we sell provides professional after-sales service, both second-hand and new equipment.

Suzhou Dweck Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

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